More Reasons to Stay Off Your Back During Delivery

Ever since the delivery of her first baby two and a half months ago, my sister-in-law Michelle has been having problens with her hips. She just went to her first physical therapy appointment a couple of days ago to address the problem. It turns out that her therapist was also a labor doula, and was able to give her helpful exercises as well as information as to why her hips were acting up.

As the baby moves down the birth canal, normally the tailbone can move out of the way to help him to come through. However, the tailbone cannot move as easily when the mother is laying on her back. It is for this reason that one of Michelle’s hips has literally been twisted out of the way to make room for her baby’s passage. Her pubic bone also suffered a crack during pushing, due to the lack of space provided for the baby in the lithotomy position. She is now doing daily exercises to help correct these problems.

Michelle also had an episiotomy, possibly made more likely by laying down to deliver. Her therapist told her that since she has had one, it will be difficult to find a doctor who won’t want to give her another in the future. Also, the cut will make natural tears more likely during subsequent deliveries.

Neither Michelle nor I knew that there could have been such lasting consequences from birthing in the lithotomy position. There’s a few more reasons to get upright, moms!

(Story shared with permission.)


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  1. Posted by dac on January 13, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    Very interesting! Thank you for this information.


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