Collecting Positive Birth Stories

Many women in America today see birth as a terrifying unknown, a dreaded trial that they have to get through before they can finally meet the baby. Much of this fear is due to the current media representation of labor and delivery. Part of what I would like to do with this blog is to correct our perception of birth by sharing positive and encouraging birth stories, whether they be in written or video form, at hospital, birth center, or home births.

Birth is a life-altering experience, one that brings out the greatest weaknesses and greatest strengths that each mother posesses. Birth is not usually described as an easy process, and almost always involves pain and some aspect of unpredictability. It is my firm belief that all women should be honored when they bring children into the world, no matter what the mode of birth was. Also, I do not think that any woman should be made to feel badly if her birth was not ideal or if she had to change her plans. I do believe, however, that birth does not have to be a frightening, horrible experience. Rather, it can be a beautiful experience: one that taught you deeply about yourself, showed you that you were capable of things you never thought possible; a passage that tempered you on the way to meeting your precious child, and an event that can be fondly remembered and treasured. I believe that we can help some women to overcome their fears and work towards acheiving the type of birth they desire by sharing stories that are inspiring and empowering.

I would love to collect more positive stories to share with expectant mothers. If you have a birth story that you would like to share or a birth video that you would reccommend, please contact me at Let’s start changing the way women see birth!

I thought I would start by sharing a lovely video of a pleasant homebirth. Enjoy!

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  1. I love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine.

    I too love positive birth stories. I have gathered over 250 at



  2. My hospital births are on my blog… I plan to video, edit, and post my homebirth in Apr/may. My last one was almost pain free. I’m hoping for a complete pain free experience this time… We don’t plan to do any cervical checks in transition or rupture my membranes, which was the only time I had pain last time!


  3. Posted by amandasworldofmotherhood on April 21, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    Not sure if you are still collecting birth stories, but here is a link to my homebirth.


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