Multitasking While Nursing

I like to try to get things done while nursing. Here are some of my favorite nursing activities:

  • Eat. When you’re shaky from needing food, don’t feel like you have to wait until your baby is done. Grab a plate before you start, set up your baby, then eat one-handedly!
  • Read. How glorious to sit with a book while snuggling in with my little guy!
  • Blog/check email/loiter on facebook/etc. Yes, I am nursing while I type. Even as we speak.You’d be surprised how good you can get at typing one-handedly.
  • Snooze. This might be controversial, but I sometimes take cat naps when nursing my baby while laying down.
  • Pump. While the milk is flowing already, I sometimes try to take advantage by pumping or self-expressing milk on the side from which my baby is not eating.

If you have a woven wrap, you can also do hands-free nursing holds, as shown here:

 This can be great if your little one is a slow eater. Finally, my very favorite activity while nursing is to…

  • Admire  my son! There’s nothing better that soaking up every bit of that tiny little face as you nurse. Make sure you take time to do this each day. Don’t rush those beautiful hours with your child.

What are some things that you have tried while nursing? What’s the craziest thing multitasking you’ve done? Looking forward to hearing what other moms have done!

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by dac on April 4, 2011 at 7:50 pm

    The last suggestion is my favorite. :-]


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