Comfort Measures During Labor

Here’s a great little video on “Comfort Measures During Labor.” This is a good video for partners, doulas, or even L&D nurses to watch.

This video demonstrates various positions and comfort measures for use in a myriad of different labor situations. Stalled Labor? OP Baby (Occiput Posterior- baby is facing mom’s tummy instead of back)? Back Pain? Swollen Cervix? Check out these quick and natural solutions to try before moving to medical intervention.

At the end of the video, one of the nurses shares this information. I will type it out because I really want to highlight this point.

“A long term study of women’s memories of their first childbirths found that fifteen to twenty years later, women had vivid memories of specific words and actions of their nurses. Those who remembered their nurses as kind, respectful, and supportive expressed the greatest satisfaction with their births. A woman never forgets her experience of giving birth, and she will never forget you and how you helped her through the process.”



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