Saturday Morning Quote: Join the Minority

“Examine your own views toward the medical caregivers you have dealt with in your life- not just OBs. Korte and Scaer [authors of A Good Birth, A Safe Birth] classify medical consumers by the amount of control they hand over to their caregivers.

  • On one end of the spectrum are patients who totally relinquish responsibility for decisions about their bodies to the medical authority. A group of consumers closely related to the relinquishers are those who want to know what’s going on but still don’t want to make the decisions. Most consumers of medical care in North America lean towards these two views.
  • On the opposite end of the spectrum, a very few consumers opt out of the current sytem altogether, using self-perscribed regimens for healing, without ever consulting a mainstream medical practitioner.
  • A small minority of consumers are somewhere in the middle. They enter into a partnership with their caregiver or view the relationship as one of professional and client, as opposed to patient. These people want to have an active voice in their health care, They view their physician as an advisor who has expertise they can integrate into a plan for health. Join this minority.”

Natural Childbirth After Cesarean, Karis Crawford, PhD, & Johanne C. Walters, BSN, RN.

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