Does Labor Have to be Terrifying?

Labor is called labor for a reason. It’s serious hard work. We are often used to seeing images and videos of mothers screaming, begging for meds, and calling their husbands and caregivers names. The work of labor, however, doesn’t neccessarily have to be terrifying!

This is a short post to say that giving birth is intense, but you can do it! Here’s a woman proving just that in active labor:

And here she is again at 9-10 centimeters:

Not too shabby, eh? This is just one example to show that labor doesn’t have to be a theatrical, frightening event. Good support from a trained labor assistant (a doula) and taking extra measures to keep mom calm and comfortable are great ways to help mom have a peaceful birth experience.

I encourage moms to resist the temptation to watch horrific birth videos and over-dramatized television birth media. It is much more beneficial to fill their minds with calm, empowering images that encourage their belief in their own ability to give birth. We should encourage women to look forward to the process of giving life, all the while reminding them that they are strong and capable. I will continue to share more birth stories and videos that demonstrate just that.

2 responses to this post.

  1. The two links you posted to watch labor don’t show up in aol browser. See if they show up in explorer or mozilla.


    • Hey there Grandpa C, 🙂
      Can you see the embedded videos on your browser? The video should be right in the blog rather than in a link. I have explorer up and it works in that browser. Let me know if you have any luck.


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