“Birth Plan Compromise?” at Happy Mommy Blog

Quick post tonight! (My hubby and I are on a sort-of vacation, so my posts are scattered a bit…)

The Happy Mommy Blog particularly humbled me tonight. I was going to write a post on how to protect your birth plan (and I still may), but when researching around I came across this account of how this mom’s birth plan changed. I thought this post was a refreshing perspective on how this mom felt when her birth plans changed.

I began to think to myself that yes, there ARE ways to help protect a birth plan. However, there are sometimes situations that simply change- sometimes they are in our control and sometimes they’re not. And when they do change, no mom should be made to feel guilty over it. She should be allowed to feel disappointed, to wish things had gone differently, and she may need some help to reframe her experience. However, she shouldn’t feel like a failure. Every mom is a hero when she gives birth, no matter how it happens.

I particularly like this quote from Happy Mommy’s post:

“They brought my sweet little man into me and I held him in my arms.  In that instant I knew all of it, everything that had strayed away from my plan didn’t matter.  The only thing that did matter was this amazing little baby was outside of me, safe and in my arms.  I would go through all of it again a thousand times.”

I’ll let you read it for yourself. Enjoy.

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