Letter to My Sweet Friend’s Little Girl

Dearest little girl,

I was so excited when your mommy told me she was pregnant with you. I thought: a friend for my son! They’ll be a year apart- how perfect! I eagerly tracked your mother’s pregnancy and talked with her often about her plans for you.

One day, unexpectedly, Mommy had to go to the hospital. You were trying to join her earlier than was healthy for you. The doctors tried to keep you inside and help you to grow a little bit longer. They succeeded, but Mommy and Daddy had to play the waiting game for a while, never knowing whether you were staying or coming, never knowing quite how big you were, or whether or not you would breathe on your own when you came.

After a while of waiting, you made the announcement: you were coming, ready or not, about 3 months too early. Mommy labored with you slowly, thinking about your future and the special care you would need after you arrived. During labor, some serious complications that arose required a cesarean delivery to ensure your safety.

I heard that it all went very fast, and before Mommy and Daddy knew it you were out of the womb and into the NICU. But I heard good news- your eyes were OPEN, and you were crying lustily as you were born! Praise God! Just a few short hours later, your parents got to meet you, touch you, talk to you, admire you…

Little girl, you are so strong. May God strengthen your lungs and your heart and help you to grow ounce by ounce. May He give your mother peace, healing, and plenty of rest, so that she may care for you soon. May He grant courage and steadfastness to your father, so that he may have the energy he needs to watch over both you and your mother. May He renew your parents’ faith and sustain them through this challenging trial.

Grow, baby, grow. We all love you fiercely, but probably none so dearly as your parents. They have sacrificed so much on your behalf. Never forget how much they care for you- that they would gladly give all so that you might live. I hope you can come home soon so I can officially meet you, sweet child. You are beautiful beyond words, and I am so happy for your safe arrival.

Much love to you, little girl.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by StorkStories on July 14, 2011 at 3:21 pm

    I hope she does well! I like how you told the story. I imagine this is who you asked me about? Hope she is well enough to be pumping ASAP. She should be trying to pump as frequently as possible and get her milk volume to rapidly rise!


    • Yes, thank you so much. She’s pumping around the clock, and her little one is beginning to take mommy’s liquid gold through a feeding tube!


  2. Oh, your sweet letter brought tears to my eyes. One of our babies decided he needed to arrive sooner than we would have liked, coming at 23 weeks and weighing 22 ounces. A close friend wrote a letter to us about her memories of that day as we called her to share the news and I treasure that letter – I know your friend will love this letter, too! I’m glad to hear her daughter is doing well.


    • Thank you for sharing, Heidi. What a difficult time that must have been for you and your family! Watching my friend has made me appreciate so much the great courage parents of preemies show, and has made me even more grateful for each little life that comes into the world. Thinking of you!


  3. What a beautiful letter. The love you have for your friend and their daughter is apparent. Praise God for this little ones safe arrival!


  4. Posted by Megan on July 18, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    I’ll be praying for your friend. A friend of mine had her baby at 28 weeks and it definitely changed my outlook. Her baby will be 3 later this month and he’s doing really well. God bless.


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