Birth Photography: Yea or Nay?

Have you ever considered hiring a photographer for your birth? While we didn’t have a professional photographer, we have many pictures from our labor and birth that I look back on and treasure. True, there are some there that no one will ever see but my husband, but I am still grateful to have them. If money were no object and I found a really unobtrusive photographer who was on call for births, I would love to have photos to capture my next babies being born. However, until that photographer arises, I’ll probably stick with good ol’ home photos!

What about you? Have you or would you hire a birth photographer? Here are some stunning birth photos I’ve found- maybe they’ll help you decide.

A very famous birth photo by DFW Birth Photographer– I’ve posted the partial photograph, though the full one is beautiful and can be viewed on the photographer’s website.

That first moment of meeting your babe… from F8 Studio Blog

And, finally, a lovely photo of mom and baby from Life in Motion Photography. Love this.


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  1. Wow, number one is amazing! What a look!


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