Medical Indications for Cesarean Delivery

Here’s a brief reminder of legitimate medical reasons for a c-section. (Keep in mind that about a 10% c-section rate is reasonable, without screening out high-risk patients.)

  • Transverse lie
  • Face presentation
  • Complete placenta previa
  • Placental abruption
  • Prolapsed cord or other cord problem
  • Active genital herpes or other vaginal infection
  • Absolutely contracted pelvis

Taken from Natural Childbirth After Cesarean: A Practical Guide, by Karis Crawford, PhD, and Johanne C. Walkters, BSN, RN, p. 190.

Lest anyone forget, I am SO glad that we have relatively safe c-sections in this day and age for when they are needed. Also, never forget that you shouldn’t take ANYTHING I say as medical advice- only read it merely as opinions. 🙂

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