Commemorate Your Belly with a Belly Cast

Ever wished you could preserve that big belly forever? Some women literally do with a belly cast made in the last weeks of pregnancy. A belly cast is just what it sounds like- a plaster cast of your pregnant belly. Some find these maternal sculptures bizarre; others find them a lovely way to remember their babies’ temporary homes.

Unfortunately, my blog host is, for some unknown reason, giving me great trouble in uploading pictures the past few days, so I will send you to source websites to view some belly casts yourself!

First off, here’s a good introduction to how the belly casting process works. You can buy kits to make your own belly casts at home, or you can hire someone like my doula friend in Lehigh Valley to come to your house and make a cast for you. Some women prefer their casts plain, some prefer them painted, some like mosaics and decoupage. This mama blogger even found a belly cast with “clothes” on! (I found hers to be one of the classiest.) The sky is the limit as far as designs go.

How can you use your belly cast? You can hang it by ribbon, display it on a shelf, or even flip it over to use it as a large bowl or mini-bassinet (if it doesn’t include your breasts). Many women incorporate their belly casts in their baby’s nurseries as artwork.

What’s your vote on belly casts- wacky or wonderful? If you could make any type of belly cast you wanted, what would you choose?




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