Commemorate Your Belly with an Ultrasound Picture

Today’s post will feature my final idea for commemorating your belly: displaying your ultrasound pictures, if you have them. But wait, you say, that’s not really your belly! True- an ultrasound picture is not actually displaying or decorating your physical belly. However, it is displaying the most important part of your whole pregnancy- your baby!

Us being rather silly after our ultrasound…

It should be noted that just wanting a picture alone shouldn’t be considered a legitimate reason for an ultrasound. However, ultrasounds are typically routine (another debated topic!), and most women do end up with a print-out at the end, so it’s worth doing something special with it!

Many companies sell special ultrasound frames, or you could make your own frame for your picture.  You can find a variety of creative handmade frames pre-made for this very purpose. Some women might like to do a photo collage of their ultrasound picture alongside photos of their family. You could send your ultrasound picture to a company that turns photos into canvas artwork for a stunning nursery display. You can always tuck your prized original print into a journal or baby book to keep for years to come. Whatever you choose to do with the picture of your unborn baby, the memory you preserve will be truly priceless.

This idea for “belly commemoration” might be especially applicable for women who experienced preterm labor and didn’t have a huge belly to cast, paint, or photograph. It might also be a way for a mother who experienced a miscarriage to remember her child- only if it is helpful to her grieving and healing process, of course. Even in a full-term, healthy pregnancy, an ultrasound photo is a special memento.

I hope that this series has helped to give you a some ideas on how to commemorate that pregnant belly! Whether you implement them or not,  your little one is still worth more celebration than all the baby bumps in the world. Thanks for reading.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by dac on March 7, 2012 at 6:16 am

    Such fun ideas. Thanks!


  2. With S being such a high risk little girl, even though she came at 27 weeks we still had 7 or 8 ultrasounds! And a ton of pictures! I’m thinking of putting them into a scrapbook at some stage. It was so fun to watch her progression through the photos…


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