Unconventional Progress

A while ago, I wrote a blog post on the Emotional Map of Labor. I recently witnessed the usefulness of this information in action at a birth. Mom’s labor pattern went like this:

Early labor – 4 cm: about 5 hours (excited)

4cm-5cm: about 10 hours (still excited, and a bit anxious)

5cm- birth: about 1 hour (serious to self-doubt to pushing, all rather quickly)

Amazing! It just goes to show that “irregular” rates of progress doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s anything wrong- it just means that mom’s body reacts as an individual would to different scenarios- tiredness, baby’s positioning, mom’s positioning and movement, etc. If a mom like this one had relied on the averages to determine progress, she would have received the label “failure to progress” halfway through her labor.

Just another example of needing to be patient and trust the mother, not the textbooks.

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