For All The C-Section Moms

Dear C-Section Mamas,

In light of my recent posts raging against unnecessary cesareans, I want you to know a couple of things…

I do not judge you. I don’t hold your c-section against you. I do not think I am a better woman or mother for birthing vaginally. You did not do anything wrong. You are not dumb, you are not weak. You are not weird or abnormal. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel this way.

Has anyone ever told you a c-section is the easy way out? I don’t think so. A cesarean takes courage to undergo, and requires just as much strength of mind to process as a hard vaginal birth. You have had to take time and rest to recover, and have had to face the challenges of motherhood, like all mothers do.

Has anyone ever made you feel guilty for choosing a cesarean? You shouldn’t. We make maternity decisions based on a combination of our knowledge and the trust we have with our caregivers. Even if you think you didn’t need surgery, it doesn’t mean that you necessarily made a bad decision when you had it. We all do the best we can with the information we have at the time.

Did you have a  necessary cesarean? Even though it was difficult, even though you may wish that you hadn’t had it, know that you absolutely did the best thing for you and your baby by birthing in this way. Perhaps you can find some settled peace by thinking of it in this light.

Know that you have walked your own unique path, with all of its own challenges and lessons. Birth, while sometimes a startling initiation to motherhood, always has its blessings. Birth can be full of joy, a bonding experience for your family, a time to learn and grow… look for these glimpses of cheer in your birth, no matter how it happened.

I’m sure I will write more in the future resisting unnecessary cesareans. Remember, however, that writing to raise awareness and to slowly change the system is not the same as judging a mother’s birth or her person. It is out of love for mothers that I write, and out of hope for the best possible maternity care for all moms.

I have great respect for you. You have true fortitude, and have walked a journey I have not yet walked. You deserve support during your journey into motherhood, and afterwards too. Don’t let anyone ever make less of your experience or abilities. As Stork Stories has said in the past, you deserve a medal.

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  1. you again, hit the nail on the head! thank you!!!


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