The Difficult Matter of Discipline

Today and tomorrow, I’m honored to be a guest blogger over at The Purposeful Wife. Rachel O’Neill is a stay at home mom to a precious daughter and blogs on Christian homemaking & motherhood- and I get to be her friend in real life! 🙂 Do be sure to visit her blog today, tomorrow, and every day for some really great posts. Here’s an excerpt for you:

“Discipline. That ominous word at which every parent inwardly shudders. The word over which many debates have started. The word on which entire parenting books have been written. The word that leaves us all grasping for a right way to raise our children…

…Countless books have been written on the topic- from strict ‘spank them immediately as soon as they step out of line’ authors and from ‘never tell them no because it might damage their psyche’ authors- and everything in between!

Our friends and families give us advice on it. Ladies at church chime in. The clerk at the grocery store is quick to offer her two cents. The waitress, the flight attendant, the neighbor, the preschool teacher. Everyone has something to say about how to handle your kid…”
How do you discipline? Read more and chime in at The Purposeful Wife today!

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