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What’s Happening, Part 2 (E.g., “The Mechanisms of Labor”)

Some of you may have seen last week’s animated video displaying a window into the womb and birth canal as a baby is birthed. For those of you who are curious about what you saw (beyond the obvious), here is an explanation of what happens during a vaginal birth.

“Beginning with engagement [otherwise known as 0 station- the baby’s head is low and set in the pelvis] and continuing until birth, the baby engages in a series of actions, called “the mechanisms of labor” or “cardinal movements:

1) Descent– [a.k.a., moving downwards] Begins with engagement and continues as the baby is passed through the birth canal. Occurs due to the downward pressure of contractions, mom’s pushing, and (hopefully) the force of gravity.

2) Flexion– The baby’s chin tucks to touch his chest.

3) Internal Rotation- The head enters the pelvis in a transverse (diagonal) position. When it reaches the pelvic floor, the occiput [top of the baby’s head] rotates to the front.

4) Extension– After occiput emerges from the pelvis, the head extends and crowning occurs.

5) External Rotation (Restitution)- After the head is born, it turns to one side or the other. The shoulders internally rotate. Usually the anterior [front] shoulder is born first, then posterior [back], then body.”

-Taken from Sudharma Birth Services Doula Training, “A Mother is Born: Labor Stages 2 & 3”

Pretty neat, right? It may look like a lot of fancy terminology, but if you read it through, some of these “mechanisms” may already sound familiar to you. Of course, there is always the possibility that for one reason or another, the baby may not engage in each one of these five movements, sometimes causing variations and challenges in the birthing process. However, this series of movements is what will usually happen in a vaginal delivery.

Head back one post to What’s Happening Down There?!? and watch the animation again. See if you can spot all five mechanisms of labor during this video. Remember: descent, flexion, internal rotation, extension, external rotation. Can you see them happen? How amazing the birthing process, and so cool how God designed it to work!


What’s Happening Down There?!?

Ever wondered what the inside of you looks like during a birth? How does the baby maneuver to get out? What does fitting under my pelvic bone look like, exactly? What does it mean that he turns a bit to pop out his shoulders? How much smaller is the uterus immediately after the baby is out?

This short video provides a great visual to answer the above questions. Check it out! More to come soon on how a baby naturally maneuvers to make his exit in an uncomplicated birth. Thanks for watching.


Sunday Stories: Homebirth of Baby J

Since I’m just getting back into blogging again, I thought I would share the photo montage video I made of my son’s birth back in October of 2010 as my first return to Sunday Stories. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday Stories: Birthing Center Example of a Calm Natural Childbirth

I’ve been very passionate about sharing how birth can be a calm experience recently. Here’s another video of a natural childbirth from The Baby Place  Birthing & Midwifery Center. There is nudity and a close up of pushing, just as a warning for my squeamish readers.

I appreciate that the transition to the birthing center was later in labor and very calm. Mom was already somewhere around 7 cm when she arrived at the hospital. When it came time to pushing, this mama did an absolutely amazing job of breathing her baby down and out. Notice that she pushed in an upright position and her midwife is supporting her perenium rather than pulling out the scissors to cut it. Also, they waited until the cord stopped pulsing to cut it, so this little guy got his full blood supply.

I can’t get the video embedded, but you can click here to view it. Beautiful video. Enjoy.

Sunday Stories: The Baby Place Birthing and Midwifery Center

Gorgeous, gorgeous natural birth video from a birthing center. I love her older son’s involvement in cutting the cord. This is a shortie but goodie!

*Warning: This is what I call a “full-on” birth video. You get a full view of pushing and the baby’s exit. Great for those preparing for birth, but be warned if it makes you squeamish. 🙂

Sunday Stories: DIY Labor and Delivery Documentary

Birth story day! (Oh, how I love birth stories!) Here’s a great little documentary on homebirth with a Certified Professional Midwife.

Part 1

Part 2

I know there are a lot of different birth issues discussed in this documentary that some of us may agree or disagree with. My aim with these birth stories is not to pick them apart in every way, but simply to share with those who love birth stories as much as I do and to encourage women who are preparing for labor themselves. Hope you enjoyed it!

A “Wordless Wednesday” Natural Hospital Birth