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Bumbo Recall

Just in case you haven’t seen this yet…

But, regardless, it’s most important to remember that any baby equipment, even when used completely properly, can still pose some possible risk to your baby. Always use caution and common sense . ūüôā


Amber Teething Necklaces: Hoax or Helpful?

I have to admit that when I first heard of amber bead teething necklaces, I was a little skeptical. So you put these beads on the kid and they stop fussing over teething pain? Really? I would have thought it was just a load of nonsense, except that I heard it from a completely reasonable, “normal” friend who wasn’t remotely into anything “weird” like that.

What exactly is an amber teething necklace? It’s a necklace made out of baltic amber beads (made from fossilized tree resin), which contain succinic acid. When your baby’s (or your own) skin warms up the necklace, the acid is released and absorbed into the skin. It then acts as an analgesic, relieving teething and other pains. Or at least that’s what they say it does- who knows, maybe it’s just a cute necklace.

When I was presented with an opportunity to purchase an amber necklace from a friend at a discount, I decided to try it. This necklace was made by Inspired by Finn. I waited for the perfect opportunity to test it. I would put it on my son every once in a while when it seemed like his teeth might be bothering him, and I could never really tell if it was the necklace that made him stop fussing after a few minutes or if he just plain stopped fussing.

Last week, I noticed my son’s gums were red and swollen and he was getting fussier and fussier. This could be it, I thought- time to put that necklace to the test! I put the teething necklace on and kept it on. I didn’t notice anything for a couple of days, so I assumed that his teeth had¬†stopped moving. On the third morning, I was nursing him and thought I felt something. I checked and, lo and behold, a tooth! My son’s first tooth had broken through with absolutely zero fussing or crying. Had I not been nursing him, I wouldn’t even have thought to check for a tooth.

Now, there are two possibilities here: 1) Either my son is a really easy teether (which I don’t really think is the case¬†judging by how upset he was with preliminary teething), or 2) that silly necklace made a difference. Which was it? I can’t say positively either way, but I figure it can’t hurt to continue trying the amber. Would I recommend this product to a friend? I would say yes- give it a shot and see if it helps your kiddos too.

Have you tried amber teething necklaces? What did you think? Did it work, or was it just a piece of jewelry? I would appreciate any feedback from other moms who have tried it.

Review of the Sleepy Wrap

My husband and I saw a couple of women carrying their babies in Sleepy Wraps¬†(similar to the Moby Wrap)¬†at a get together at our midwife’s house when I was pregnant. We liked the idea, so we ordered one before my baby was born, and I’ve been using it ever since. Here’s a little review of the product.

What is the Sleepy Wrap?

The Sleepy Wrap is a 5.5 yard long stretchy fabric wrap meant to be used as a baby carrier.

How does it work?

You can use several different tying methods to wrap yourself up in the Sleepy Wrap.¬† The three holds that the company advertises are the “Classic Love Your Baby Hold,” the “Upright Newborn/Infant Hold,” and the “Hammock Hold.”¬†Since the Sleepy Wrap is made of stretchy material, it is meant to be tied very tightly against your body so that it looks like no baby would be able to fit. After it is tied, you insert your baby into the wrap and wear him around.

Here is a good video of how to do a basic upright hold in the Sleepy Wrap, just to give you an idea. (The newborn hold is quite similar- you just let the legs stay curled up inside instead of pulling them through.)

Here’s another tutorial for how to do a cradle hold:

There are many different holds for different types of wraps, but these are some of the ones the Sleepy Wrap works best for.

What I like about the Sleepy Wrap

I like that the stretchy fabric conforms to your baby’s body, so you don’t need to worry about tying it at just the right size. Just make sure you tie it very tightly, and your baby should be able to fit just fine.

I like that the Sleepy Wrap is versatile. It can be used for several different holds, where as a baby sling  or structured carrier can only do one or two types of holds. The baby can be awake and looking around, or he can be safely asleep against my chest.

I love that the stretchy fabric is so soft and distributes the weight of my growing son nice and evenly over my shoulders and back. I’ve never tried a different type of carrier, so¬†I can’t attest to this personally,¬†but I’ve heard that many structured carriers place much more pressure on your shoulders and back, causing achiness after a while.

The Sleepy Wrap feels very secure to carry your baby in. I feel much safer with all those layers of tightly woven fabric than I would with a carrier that has a snap or buckle that could easily malfunction or come undone.

Finally, I love that the Sleepy Wrap allows me to do so many things hands-free- nurse, do dishes, laundry, vaccuum, and go for walks with baby, to name a few.

What I don’t like about the Sleepy Wrap

The stretchy fabric of the Sleepy Wrap doesn’t allow for certain types of holds. (Note that more supportive woven wraps allow for more verstaility, although they don’t conform to your¬†baby’s body¬†as well as the stretchy wraps do.)¬†For instance, it¬†may not be¬†safe to do a back carry with a stretchy wrap. Here’s an excellent example of why:

The only other thing I don’t like is that it does take a couple minutes to wrap yourself up, but it’s really a minor inconvenience compared to the return you get in versatility, security,¬†and comfort.

Bottom Line

I would definitely reccommend the Sleepy Wrap! It has been wonderful to carry my son, keep him close to me, and get things accomplished with full use of my hands all at the same time. Find a retailer or babywearing group near you that has a Sleepy Wrap you can try!