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Sunday Stories: Birthing Center Example of a Calm Natural Childbirth

I’ve been very passionate about sharing how birth can be a calm experience recently. Here’s another video of a natural childbirth from The Baby Place  Birthing & Midwifery Center. There is nudity and a close up of pushing, just as a warning for my squeamish readers.

I appreciate that the transition to the birthing center was later in labor and very calm. Mom was already somewhere around 7 cm when she arrived at the hospital. When it came time to pushing, this mama did an absolutely amazing job of breathing her baby down and out. Notice that she pushed in an upright position and her midwife is supporting her perenium rather than pulling out the scissors to cut it. Also, they waited until the cord stopped pulsing to cut it, so this little guy got his full blood supply.

I can’t get the video embedded, but you can click here to view it. Beautiful video. Enjoy.


Sunday Stories: The Baby Place Birthing and Midwifery Center

Gorgeous, gorgeous natural birth video from a birthing center. I love her older son’s involvement in cutting the cord. This is a shortie but goodie!

*Warning: This is what I call a “full-on” birth video. You get a full view of pushing and the baby’s exit. Great for those preparing for birth, but be warned if it makes you squeamish. 🙂